27 June 2008

Cork CoCo AGM: Toxic Waste at Irish Steel Site, Haulbowline

Cork County Council
Annual Meeting 27 June 2008

Minutes of Proceedings at Annual Meeting of Cork County Council held in the Council Chamber, County Hall, Cork on 27 June 2008


Councillor T. Sheahan, County Mayor presided.

Councillors K. Murphy, Neville, Coleman, Sheehan, P.G. Murphy, O'Shea, Harrington, Crowley, Kelly, Fleming, Ryan, McGrath, Forde, M. O'Keeffe, T. Lombard, Desmond, J A. Collins, K. O'Keeffe, O'Flynn, Pyne, O'Doherty, P. Buckley, Marian Murphy, Marie Murphy, N. Buckley, Donegan, Creed, Moynihan, Mullally, Fitzgerald, O'Connor, Sheahan, Hegarty, Mulvihill, N. Collins, Ahern, Hallinan, Murray, Collins, McCarthy, Carroll, O'Donovan, Daly.

County Manager, A/County Engineer, Senior Executive Officer

Suspension of Standing Orders - Toxic Waste at Irish Steel Site, Haulbowline

Councillor J. Mulvihill proposed, seconded by Councillor M. Hegarty, the suspension of Standing Orders to discuss the toxic waste at the former Irish Steel Site at Haulbowline. He said he was concerned at recent media reports which suggested that waste at the site is toxic and that there may be a potential health risk to people in the area. He sought clarification on what monitoring of the site has been done if the report findings can be made public to allay fears that people may have. He also queried if toxic waste was transferred from the site by road. He said he was requesting that a health study would be carried out on people in the lower harbour area.

The County Manager said that while the occasion was not appropriate for a full debate, there is a lot of fear and misunderstanding surrounding this case and that there is a need to reassure people. He stated that there is no cover up going on and that the site has a long history.

The Manager advised that the EPA is trying to manage a process to seek a future use of the island and that this is being done in a controlled manner. He said that there are contractual issues which need to be borne in mind when requesting the Department of the Environment to release any reports regarding the site but said he would pass on the Members request.

The Manager stated that the transportation of waste is heavily regulated. He also said that he would make any information possible available to anybody requesting same. He stated that he would also pass on the request to have a health study carried out.

This was noted by the Members.


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