27 June 2008

Mayor of Cobh demands answers on Irish Steel site

John Mulvihill, Councillor (Lab) 27/6/08

The Mayor of Cobh John Mulvihill jnr has today called on the Minister for the Environment John Gormley to issue a statement about the revelations about the former Irish steel site.

I want the minister to come clean on all the records and studies his department have carried out on the site. I also request to that he and his department in partnership with the department of health to carry out a study in to the amount of cases of cancer and related heath risks that have been diagnosed in the Harbour area over the last number of years.

The question of the transportation of the 100,000 tones of hazardous material has also to be addressed. He needs to detail where it was shipped from and the precautions that were put in place.

Cobh is a town in fear at the moment with many unanswered question from yesterdays revelations. The people of Cobh need answers now and we cannot wait until the minister announces his plans for the site in the autumn.

The People of Cobh of Cobh and the lower harbour area deserve nothing less from our government.


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